christine betts

I'm a software engineer working on human computation at Google Research. Previously, I was an intern at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Facebook, and Google and I graduated with honors in computer science from the University of Washington in 2019. Before college I had stints as a congressional intern, pie baker's apprentice and delivery driver (among others... ask me about the fireworks warehouse :). I'm passionate about art in many forms, investing in young people through organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters, and anything that gets me moving (currently running, biking, & casual weight-lifting are my faves).


October 2019: I went to HCOMP 2019 (didn't present, just learned!)

July 2019: I went to ACL 2019 in Florence to talk about a paper I authored (with Waleed Ammar and Joanna Power) at AI2, GrapAL: Connecting the Dots in Academic Literature

January 2019: a paper on which I was a co-author (Puddle: A Dynamic, Error-Correcting, Full-Stack Microfluidics Platform, Max Willsey et al., 2019) was presented at ASPLOS 2019


A blog I post to in waves

Gif of me dancing at Google