christine betts


Untitled (Portrait of Ross in L.A.), Félix González-Torres

From intimacy to public space, José Vera Matos (Louisiana Museum of Modern Art)

impossible musical instruments, Samson Young (One Hand Clapping, Guggenheim)

The Beanery, Edward Kienholz (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam)

David Best's Temple, David Best (Renwick Gallery)

Portrait of Marie Jeanette de Lange, Jan Toorop (Rijksmuseum)

Art Students League, Doris Lee


Scam Goddess: funny and fun show celebrating (sometimes) scammers. has changed the way I view negative interactions with others

Exponent: an excellent, in-depth podcast about the state of technology and its intersection with the economy

S Town: surprising, relevant, touching


The Dark Forest: sequel to The Three Body Problem, which is also great, but with more warm and vivid vignettes that I still return to

The Black Swan: a look at uncertainty and the exponential nature of so many things we believe to be constant

The Goldfinch: my favorite novel in forever. "Dickensian" per The New Yorker (but what YA novel isn't :)

Scarcity: one of the most impactful books in terms of the way I understand economic disparities

Ordinary People: a very influential book on a younger (and therefore perhaps current) me

Nature Poem: Tommy Pico rocks and all of his books are amazing, but this was the first I read and it's amazing in capturing the emotions of being alive and young during the Anthropocene


Surviving Woodstock: thoughtful piece with a quote I think about often in the second-to-last paragraph; Hua Hsu is a genius

I Sink, Therefore I Am: angsty robots

The Kekulé Problem: Cormac McCarthy on language & the unconscious & everything else it seems. great if you enjoy Harari


Singularities: Susan Howe is a master of removing the step between abstract thought and the expression thereof, while creating a moving critique of colonialism, the patriarchy, the constructs that define our socieites and the way in which we interact with them, and language itself. ~language~ poetry is always a little daunting, but this was such an experiential and influential read that I would encourage anyone to push through for it

Spring is like a perhaps hand: reading E.E. Cummings seems to always be worth my time, but this gem is as beautiful as a sunny spring day

Other Lives and Dimensions and Finally a Love Poem: you'll read this Bob Hicok piece once and then again, and if you're anything like me you'll read it whenever you have a chance for the weeks that follow

to the notebook kid: I'm a big Eve Ewing fan & this is a beautiful example of her way with words and world building

Novel: There's something palpable about the atmosphere of this poem & Rimbaud was such a cool dude