christine betts


Exponent: an excellent, in-depth podcast about the state of technology and its intersection with the economy

S Town: surprising, relevant, touching


The Black Swan: a look at uncertainty and the exponential nature of so many things we believe to be constant

The Goldfinch: my favorite novel in forever. "Dickensian" per The New Yorker (but what YA novel isn't :)

Scarcity: one of the most impactful books in terms of the way I understand economic disparities

Ordinary People: a very influential book on a younger (and therefore perhaps current) me

Nature Poem: Tommy Pico rocks and all of his books are amazing, but this was the first I read and it's amazing in capturing the emotions of being alive and young during the Anthropocene


I Sink, Therefore I Am: angsty robots

The Kekulé Problem: Cormac McCarthy on language & the unconscious & everything else it seems. great if you enjoy Harari


Singularities: Susan Howe is a master of removing the step between abstract thought and the expression thereof, while creating a moving critique of colonialism, the patriarchy, the constructs that define our socieites and the way in which we interact with them, and language itself. L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poetry is always a little daunting, but this was such an experiential and influential read that I would encourage anyone to push through for it

Spring is like a perhaps hand: reading E.E. Cummings seems to always be worth my time, but this gem is as beautiful as a sunny spring day

Other Lives and Dimensions and Finally a Love Poem: you'll read this Bob Hicok piece once and then again, and if you're anything like me you'll read it whenever you have a chance for the weeks that follow

to the notebook kid: I'm a big Eve Ewing fan & this is a beautiful example of her way with words and world building

Novel: There's something palpable about the atmosphere of this poem & Rimbaud was such a cool dude