Mapping Access

A recent report found that 7 states (highlighted in purple) have been using federal TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) money to fund anti-abortion propaganda and clinics called crisis pregnancy centers. This map shows crisis pregnancy centers across the country, many of which are run by churches and other non-profit organizations. Not all CPCs are ambiguous about what services the will and will not provide, but it's not uncommon for women to go to a CPC assuming they'll be able to get an abortion only to be coerced into other options. Also mapped are Planned Parenthood clinics that are listed on their website as abortion providers, Planned Parenthood clinics that will refer women to places they can receive an abortion and Planned Parenthood clinics with no abortion services listed. It's ambiguous whether these clinics area able to help women receive abortions or not, however they fall mostly in areas where access is already limited by state legislation. The map also shows abortion providers around the country other than Planned Parenthood clinics.

Sources: Planned Parenthood | Crisis Pregnancy Centers | Abortion Providers | TANF Spending