christine betts

Semiotics of Abuse:

woven data visualization meditating on trauma and abuse & the ways words fail

html, css, loom


Graph Database of Academic Literature that makes it easy to query the Semantic Scholar knowledge base

neo4j, python, AWS, docker

Scaling Seattle:

An interactive visualization for exploring disparities in Seattle across several dimensions (group project :)

d3.js, html, css

States Grid Viz:

Fun little grid map (inspired by a Mike Bostock viz) of states I've visited/lived in

d3.js, html, css

Beautiful Things:

A micro-blog for me to jot down things that make me happy using an iOS shortcut that will populate new entries

jekyll, github pages, ios shortcuts, photoshop sketch

Exploration of Digital Vulnerability:

An interactive exploration of vulnerability online through an embroidered plush heart

embroidery, circuitry, arduino, processing


A fun, crowd-sourced collection of filterable poems

html, css, php, javascript, jquery

Woven Data Viz:

Experiment in textile creation & making data more visceral & human

html, css, loom

Alt Text Generator:

Chrome extension I made with my DubHacks partner with Microsoft's computer vision API to generate Alt text for images

javascript, Microsoft Cognitive Services, jquery

Poem Generator:

A poem generator for my experimental poetry class

NLTK, python, Twitter data, scraping

Controllable Raindrops:

Web animation with raindrops controlled by jquery UI

jquery, css, html, javascript

Simple Paint Application:

Processing-based web painting application with a no-frills UI

processing (java)

Muffin Recipe Calculator:

Dynamic recipe generator taking user input. On click, each ingredient will disappear for easy use while cooking

javascript, html, css

Mapping Access:

Using the Google Maps API to visualize geolocation JSON data, I created an interactive visualization showcasing access to reproductive centers in the United States.

javascript, jquery, maps API, html, css

English 182 Portfolio:

A collection of projects from a course I took on multimodal composition.

html, css