christine betts

I'm currently wrapping up my time as a student of computer science at the University of Washington. For the past 6 months, I was an intern at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence building a graph database of academic literature. Over the past two summers I interned at Google and Facebook and I'm headed (back!) to Google's Los Angeles office to work as a full-time SWE in the fall of 2019. Before college I had stints as a congressional intern, pie baker's apprentice and delivery driver (among others). I'm passionate about art in many forms, investing in young people through organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters, and anything that gets me moving (currently running, yoga, & bouldering are my favorites).

I'm excited to be headed to ACL 2019 in Florence to talk about GrapAL: Connecting the Dots in Academic Literature (Christine Betts et al., 2019). Recently, a paper on which I was a co-author (Puddle: A Dynamic, Error-Correcting, Full-Stack Microfluidics Platform , Max Willsey et al., 2019) was presented at ASPLOS 2019 .


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