christine betts

Photo of plush heart

Exploration of digital vulnerability

conductive thread, embroidery, fabric, arduino, wires, Beads audio library / 2018

Sometimes I feel compelled, given my inclination to share happy moments or adventures online, to also share things that are a bit more of a bummer. I fear, though, that the loss of nuance and question of the role of ego in one's presence on the internet make it difficult to articulate emotions that could convey a complexity to one's experiences beyond a gilded presentation of happiness.

This was, in many ways, a continuation of my meditation on Ventrakl and the loss of information across time and space. The still images that appear on the screen mean very little to a viewer without context, and the addition of a note or a chord or a word doesn't do much to shed light on why the images make me feel the way they do.

The notion that I could 'give someone my heart' or share vulnerable parts of my psyche with them online feels like something that's impossible to do genuinely & wholly. The best I can give is a shoddy imitation.

Photo of woven data visualization

Semiotics of abuse

yarn / 1 x 1 feet / 2020

woven data visualization meditating on trauma and abuse & the ways words fail

Photo of woven data visualization

Hands of my mother

yarn, bolts / 1 x 1 feet / 2020

a textile celebrating my mother's hands and my matrilineal family tree inspired by a Kacey Musgraves song.

Clip from

video of the Assateague Island seashore, photoshop, phaser / 2020

a silly game I made in quarantine that helped me better understand my relationship to my body and my environment.

Photo of woven data visualization

Meditation on translation

yarn / 1 x 1 feet / 2018

woven data visualization of the binary encoding of one of Christian Hawkey's translations of a Georg Trakl peom

Photo of woven data visualization

Reverse projections (tenderly)

assorted yarns / 2.5 x 4 feet / 2020

a tender autobiography, a reverse projection (a sunny take on Baudrillard) that allows me to acknowledge ~all of it~ with the softness of yarns I found in the craft store scrap bin

Photo of woven data visualization

Biography of Juana Kay

assorted yarns / 2.5 x 4 feet / 2020

the woven story of my grandmother

Photo of woven data visualization

Visualizing maternal mortality

yarn / 1 x 1 feet / 2018

a woven data visualization of an approximation of the number of women who died during childbirth in the US in 2015.

Photo of a network connecting academic papers by author


Neo4j, AWS, python, docker

Graph Database of Academic Literature, making it easy to query the Semantic Scholar knowledge base.

Photo of a data visualization of transit times in seattle areas

Scaling Seattle

d3.js, html, css

an interactive visualization for exploring disparities in Seattle across several dimensions (group project)

Photo of a data visualization of transit times in seattle areas

Mapping access

javascript, google maps API, html, css

interactive visualization showing access to reproductive centers in the United States

A brushstroke with 'memory: an anthology' over it

Poem generator + an anthology of generated poems

NLTK, python, twitter data, wall street journal archives, state department press releases

a poem generator for my experimental poetry class and some weird generated poems

Sketch of flowers

Beautiful things

jekyll, ios shortcuts, photoshop

a micro-blog for me to jot down things that make me happy using an iOS shortcut that will populate new entries